Affordable Infrastructure & Energy Costs

The cities of Weiser, Payette, Fruitland and New Plymouth, Idaho as well as Ontario, Nyssa, and Vale, Oregon have all improved their water and sewer facilities which were all built for expansion preparing for the future.

Idaho Power provides electrical service for the region, with the exception of Weiser, Idaho. Idaho Power rates for business and industrial use is 4-6 cents kWh.Within the Weiser, Idaho city limits, electric power rates for a large business run about 3 cents kWh, plus demand charges and minimum monthly service charge.The NW Williams Gas Line is conveniently located throughout the area. 

Intermountain Gas provides delivery of natural gas to Western Idaho. Rates for small commercial and large volume sales customers range from 74.6¢ per therm to 53.3¢ per therm. The cost of large volume firm transportation starts at around 6.0¢ per therm and can be as low as 0.6¢ per therm. 

Cascade Gas provides delivery of natural gas to Eastern Oregon with similar rate structure.